UPDATE 6/20/11:

감사합니다! Thank you very much to everybody for your generous support of our fundraiser. We raised more than anticipated and were able to buy a lot of great supplies for the orphanages. We visited them on Sunday, and the kids were all smiles. If you donated, I will be sending out an email soon with a link to photos and more details of our visit. If you would like to further support Korean orphanages, please visit www.kkoom.org, which is always accepting donations for its great work. 

Click here to donate in US dollars

Click here to donate in British pounds

To donate from within Korea, please transfer money to KEB bank account 620-201977-553 (name: Susan Shain). 

Who we are: We're a group of foreigners that live and teach English on Jeju Island in South Korea. Click on the "Our Team" link to learn more about us!

What we're doing: We are all running various lengths of the Jeju Marathon on June 12, 2011. Since it isn't the norm here in Korea to fundraise at a race, we figured we would do it ourselves.

Who we're supporting: We wanted to focus our fundraising efforts on Jeju, as that is where we all live and work. There are four orphanages on the island, and we decided to fundraise for the two located in Jeju City, where the majority of us live.  Between the two, these orphanages take care of around 200 kids from infants to 22-year-olds. All the photos above are from these orphanages.

Where your money will go: As we are unable to determine the fiscal responsibility of the orphanages here on Jeju, we are going to buy the needed supplies ourselves and deliver them after the race. Here are some things that the orphanages said they need: ankle socks, toilet paper, laundry detergent, snacks, fruit, wet wipes, and school supplies.  

Our goals: We don't have any specific financial goals. We just wanted to give back a little to the community in which we live, as well as have something to motivate us through our training. No matter how much money we raise, we're sure it will make the lives of the orphans and their caretakers just a little bit easier, and that's all we're hoping for.

How to donate: Please click on one of the donate buttons at the top of the page to donate in US dollars or British pounds. From within Korea, transfer money to KEB bank account 620-201977-553 (name: Susan Shain). 

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site! Any questions, please email Susan at susanshain at gmail dot com.


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